Confession: I think The Wind Rises was one of Ghibli’s best

Photo Credit: TheVerge.Com
Photo Credit: TheVerge.Com

Not very controversial, you say? Many people did love this film, but several refrain to say that it was one of Miyazaki’s best. It was different. I mean, among the many whimsical, unforgettable Ghibli stories – here lies the playful interpretation of one of Japan’s most famous aviation engineers. And his life is a rather extraordinary, lovely, and lonely one.

I may be biased – I am in love with a man who loves airplanes and flight. So, I can say that I particularly felt hard for this piece. However, what lingers in my heart even to this day is the sort of soft, subtle whisper that is repeated throughout the film. It’s the gentle glance of someone you once knew, and the breeze of a dream you forgot you had once experienced long ago. It’s uplifting, inspiring even. But, it’s all the same very cold.
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Ghibli producer reveals the studio’s current anime production project: absolutely nothing

I really think they have the right to have nothing to work on right now. Lol


GN 1

Since last summer, producer Toshio Suzuki has been droppinghints that Studio Ghibli, the animation house he co-founded along with legendary director Hayao Miyazaki, might be restructuring. While the cagey veteran has avoided saying that Ghibli would be shutting down, he’s made several oblique references to “dismantling” its standing production team and taking a hiatus from creating feature films.

Still, the true Ghibli faithful have been holding out hope, clinging to the belief that it’s not over until the fat baby from Spirited Away sings. Hearing some of Suzuki’s recent remarks, though, it sounds like it’s going to be a very long wait until the next Ghibli film, as he described the production team’s current project as absolutely nothing.

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Long Read: Why ‘Kill la Kill’ is Actually Empowering for Women

In the past six months, I have fought with myself when it came down to finding time to myself, and time to do what I enjoy. It’s not so much that I don’t have the time, but my job has been leaving me emotionally and physically exhausted to do the traditional hobbies I once had. My hands are constantly aching and in pain from the vigorous, non-stop typing for 8 hours that my job requires, and my eyes become tired and dry from staring at the screen for the entire day. My job doesn’t allow much time to get out of my seat and look away from the screen as it is too busy to stop. Because of this, video games, film, and anime have been at the bottom of my list. With that said, the good news was that the last thing I wanted to do was stay in my house and sit on the couch. I’ve been able to indulge in the natural beauties of the wonderful place I live. I get out with Paul and our friends almost every chance I get because it’s important to me that I engage with the ones I love and that I take advantage of the fact I live in a place most people see as a vacation spot.

All that aside, because of my devotion to a better work life balance, I’ve been able to find time here and there to catch up with some anime and Japanese film. It’s always been a hobby, and it’s definitely given me the diverse perspective on cinema that set me apart from my peers in college. I must admit, I had been out of the anime game for a while. I hadn’t even seen Gurren Lagann until just recently (I know, what a travesty, right?).

With the help of Hulu Plus, Crunchyroll, and Netflix, I can now easily catch up on all that I have been missing. It’s kinda like video games – no, I don’t play the entire thing or watch the entire thing at once. But, that’s because I have a full-time job, with a family and friends. So, is this post late in the game? Yes. But, I feel that my thoughts on this need to leave my body or I’m going to explode.

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New Evangelion short anime starts streaming this week, features brand-new mecha

I really don’t know how to feel about this. Oh, Hideaki, why do you keep going with this? Evangelion has flip flopped from my favorite anime to one I absolutely hate about 32 times since I’ve watched it. I used to think that there was some hidden message I didn’t understand and that Hideaki was all too intelligent for me to ever grasp his concept.

But, then I realized, though the concepts and ideas were so groundbreaking and pushed the envelope, there’s no way anyone will ever understand it. The end is too disjointed and it stars a main character I will never care about. While it boasts some of my favorite mech designs ever, I think I’ll think twice the next time I watch another piece of this franchise. To this day, I can’t really grasp what it is that is so captivating about it, because I already know that I am disappointed every single time. I guess we’ll never know.

Is this new short necessary at all? Probably not. But, I will probably watch it so I can hope I understand things a little better. Or maybe Hideaki just wants us to keep tasting the icing of a cake we’ll never have. I guess I’ve accepted that, I really like icing anyway.


AE 3

It’s been three years since the most recent installment of the Rebuild of Evangelion, the maybe-sequel, maybe-reboot of creator Hideaki Anno’s massively influential 1995 science fiction anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Forever committed to his artistic vision and standards, Anno remains coy as to when the fourth, and supposedly final, Rebuild film will hit theaters, even as fans the world over clamor for its release.

That’s not to say Anno and the team at his Studio Khara, the animation house responsible for the newest Evangelion theatrical features, don’t have anything to show us. Less than two months ago they shared a melancholy vision of protagonist Shinji in a brand-new six-minute animated video. This week, Studio Khara is back again with another short to be released online that promises an Evangelion mecha unit fans have never seen before, with the help of two true industry veterans

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Coffee and Concerts

Hey everyone! How’s everyone doing this week? It’s been a fine end to the California drought for a few days here in San Diego. We’ve had some rain (finally), but we’ve still got blue skies and beautiful weather all day, every day!

Everything has been just absolutely wonderful! I finally purchased my new car (insert happy dance) – YAY! As I enter this new chapter in adulthood, I can honestly say that I have well-prepared myself for this type of financial and individual responsibility. I am pretty proud of that fact, I will tell you that.


While I can go on about that in another post, I’m here to set the record straight. Most people who know me know that I live and breathe coffee. I don’t just drink it because I have to in order to get through the day – I drink it because I absolutely love it.. I don’t just love the way it tastes either, I love everything that it reminds me of. Everything that it has come to represent in society – minus the hipster “i-only-drink-black-because-that’s-the-only-way-it-should-be” drinkers.

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There’s a reason for that.

I am going to be completely honest with everyone.

I’ve really wanted to take the time to rightfully document my life. That includes the wonderful friends that I have been blessed with, my strange, funny family, my absolute joy of a job, and of course my wonderful other half.

I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs lately as I’ve somehow lost the inspiration to write about myself. I always find myself wanting to write or dive into a subject vicariously, as if this other, new world was happening and I seemed to know everything about it.

I’m happy to say that over the holidays and these last few months of absolute chaos, I’ve come to the realization that my life is eventful, fun, and absolutely exciting. Taking it for granted was too easy, as we all do.

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Getting back in the groove

Hi everyone!

I’m really sorry for being literally missing for the past few months. A lot of things have been happening and I’ve been, to say the least, letting you all down. Thanks for sticking with me on this!

First things first, why have I been gone so long? Well, my wonderful company has decided to take me on full time, so I’m really excited about that. You guys cannot imagine what it feels like to work for a company that you absolutely love. I work with people who share this vision and who are passionate about the situation at hand. It’s really an honor for them to ask me to be on board. I’m looking forward to the rest of my time there. Having this job on top of keeping up with JLPT practice, the boyfriend, friends coming back from Japan, my family, and this – it’s been hard. But, you know what? I’ve been feeling like something was missing in my life lately, and I realized it was writing! So here I am back in full force (seriously this time), and I’m ready to get in this action again. 

Before I go on about some new things, let me address the questions I promised to answer last post:

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Looking back and starting anew

I’ve been so out of the loop on WordPress lately. Mostly because I started my new job, and that I’ve been trying to get the most out of my summer with everyone out of school and whatnot. But, I’m starting to get in the groove of this full time employee business because of all the hours I used to work at the part time jobs on top of schoolwork. It actually seems like I have a lot of free time on my hands now, which while I was in college, I thought I would never have. 

I just ended the three week training at this new job, and I have to say, I absolutely adore it. This is a perfect first career position for me, and I think it will be a great addition to my resume. Read More »